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Music Education CV and Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

Devotion – for me the word devotion perfectly summarises my approach because it touches upon the love, care and heart I put into my work. It means that no matter how short, long or challenging the journey, I will always dig deep to find solutions and strive to unlock my own creative potential as well as those around me. If you have my commitment then you will have my devotion.


Courage – I have the strength of mind and spirit that will allow a person to face difficulty and fear. Through this, I pride myself on being someone who will step forward, offer myself to resolve challenging and difficult situations because, I believe whole heartedly that this is part of my own learning and those around me.


Innovation – ‘What is possible?’ and ‘why should we do it?’. Knowing that not all pre-existing issues need innovative solutions is itself innovative thinking in an era of gimmicks, consumerism and high turnover. I instinctively look at situations from a different angle, I lean towards ‘the new’ and am inspired by alternative solutions however, and in turning this thinking into practical strategy I continually return to ‘the why’.


Authenticity – My life experiences make up who I am today. Whether composing music or working with young people in challenging circumstances the outcome will always have a ‘Jim’ shape to it: whilst having the courage to put myself in new and challenging situations I do so with respect for others, their background and their knowledge.


Joyfulness – I consistently nurture joyful and playful relationships professionally and I believe this is the first reason a people will come back to work with me. With a sense of joy we are more open, awake, relaxed and trusting and these are the ingredients needed for innovation and creativity. Whilst not every setting is a joyful one, joy is always needed



I am a successful musician and project leader with a proven track record of delivering high quality projects that harness the unique power of music to educate and transform lives by building confidence, self-esteem and essential life skills. Such projects have reduced local crime, reintroduced young people back into education and supported people with disabilities in realising their creative potential. In 2012 one of these projects was used to highlight ‘Best Practice’ in the Department for Education’s (DfE) National Plan for Music Education.


My extensive production experience with world-class theatre, dance and arts companies, alongside my work as a songwriter and composer has set the professional and artistic standards I strive to maintain when working with all client groups.

Recent Career Highlights      

Junction (July 2013): a cross-art-form collaboration with London Olympic choreographer, Temujin Gill. I was responsible for creating an original music score and facilitating percussion rehearsals with over 80 musicians and dancers from local communities.


Derry-Londonderry City of Culture (2013): I was responsible for providing specialist advice and support on ‘SYNC’, the City of Culture ‘Music Promise in the Community’ programme.  I advised and delivered on a CPD programme to develop a diverse workforce in a community facing complex political and social challenges.


The Take Over at The Royal Albert Hall (May 2012): an inclusive youth arts showcase involving over 40 young people performing to an audience of over 5,000 including HRH Prince Edward as part of Surrey’s 2012 Olympic Celebrations. I secured funding, coordinated a wide range of partners and referral agencies, delivered music workshops, created original music and co-produced the event.


Voice and Volume (August 2011): this musical collaboration and performance involving young people in care and a county youth orchestra, was highlighted as ‘best practice’ in the DfE National Plan for Music Education. I was responsible for project conception, securing funding, project leadership, coordination of partners and referral agencies, publicity and marketing.


MusicLeader (April 2010 – September 2011): a national network created developing music education in England through continued professional development (CPD). As the South East director, I was responsible for providing over 150 CPD opportunities to more 2,000 professionals from a variety of settings. These programmes are still used across the region to raise standards and deepen understanding beyond the music education sector.  

Career History           

Surrey Music Hub – Partnership Manager                                                                  

September 2012 - present

I am responsible for maintaining existing relationships with stakeholders and building new partnerships that will extend the breadth and quality of music education for all children and young people within the local authority area. I coordinate strategic networks and advisory groups that bring together expertise and share best practice within specialist areas.


Surrey Arts –  Music Coordinator                                                                              

August 2007 – present

I provide leadership, knowledge alongside developing marketing, project development and sustainability of contemporary music programmes. I also support partners by helping them generate external funding through the cultivation of relationships with public funding bodies, partner services and sponsors.


MusicLeader South East Director                                                                 

April 2011 – September 2012

I implemented a diverse programme of CPD opportunities with an aim to equip the region’s workforce with the knowledge and skills required by employers. I managed the project budget, ensured all events were thoroughly evaluated and delivered regular reports to the project funder.


Rhythmix Regional Coordinator                                                                     

August 2007 – October 2010

I developed educational, holistic and creative music programmes for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds such as children in care, asylum keepers, young offenders and young people from BME backgrounds. I provided effective communication between the partners and provided CPD, training and supervision of Rhythmix tutors engaged. I also generated external funding in excess of £120,000p/a.


Production and technical management experience                                     

February 1993 - August 2007

I have extensive UK and global production/technical experience within festival, conference, theatre, music and dance settings. Positions have included: Periplum Theatre, La Campana Tour, Mexico (Technical manager), P&O Princess Cruises, Los Angeles, USA (Senior Production Manager), The Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon and London (Deputy Chief Electrician/ lighting designer).

More detailed information can be given on request. 






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